Long Wines

– Case study –

Long Wines is a small, family-owned business, based in Madrid for over 20 years. It exports wines from every corner of Spain to over 26 countries. Their clients love the fact that they offer such a wide range of products and cater for their every need.

The Challenge:

The size of the Long Wines portfolio and the number of clients means that marketing spend per brand is limited and needs to be focused on key strategic brands and corporate messages.

Taste Exchange has been providing marketing support to the company since 2016 with two major objectives: to communicate effectively with existing and potential clients to increase the number of customers per product and SKUs per customer; and secondly, to rationalize the range, removing underperforming products and shifting the focus to more premium brands with higher profit margins.

Taste Exchange has managed the Long Wines website, social media and email marketing for over six years, with regular news on new products and stories that highlight the company’s credentials. We have also been involved with the launch of a number of new products, such as organic wine brand Melea Wine and the repackaging of many existing brands such as De Pró Cava.


  • Improvement in communication with customers through newsletters, news uploaded to the website and RRSS (Linkedin; Instagram)
  • Launch of a new organic wine brand – Melea Wine – supported by social media activity
  • Design of new website and materials for De Pró Cava
  • Over 30,000 impressions on Linkedin
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