Roca Madre

– Case study –

Eight small independent winemakers got together to create Roca Madre. They all worked sustainably and aimed to create wines with a sense of place, but their marketing budgets were very limited. By clubbing together, they could afford to present their wines at trade fairs and events.

The Challenge:

They had so far not invested in marketing and had very little presence in their market, especially online.

Taste Exchange helped raise awareness of the association, their ethos and wines by creating a new website and managing their social media. We also coordinated their presence at trade fairs in Alimentaria, Barcelona and Fenavin, Ciudad Real.
In 2016, we hosted a wine party in an iconic venue – Madrid’s Puerta del Sol – to attract Madrid’s leading wine influencers and trade, with over 200 attendees enjoying wines and dancing to music provided by a DJ.


  • A new website with channels on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram launched in April 2016
  • Organic growth of more than 1,000 likes and followers in one month
  • Interaction rate higher than the competition
  • Event in Puerta del Sol with more than 200 attendees
  • Coverage in specialized wine blogs
  • Direct contact by importers interested in importing group wines
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