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Since 2015, Taste Exchange has managed translation projects for numerous clients in the food and beverage sector, translating texts including social media posts, websites, press releases, back labels, books and other materials. Anna herself translates from Spanish, French and Catalan into British English; and she works with natives who translate into Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese, as well as transcreation into US English.

The Challenge:

When you are marketing a product, you need to ensure that the language connects with your target audience.

Although AI can now translate texts into understandable language, the results are overly literal. A human translator, working into their native language, can add the nuances and turns of phrase that can change an acceptable text into one that converts.

As for technical language about wine and artisanal food products, the challenge is double as you need a translator who not only understands the original text but also the way that each concept is expressed in the target language (see my article here for more on the challenges of wine translation)


  • Translation of the world’s best selling wine book, Wine Folly, into Spanish
  • Translation of social media and blog posts for Nordés Gin into English, German, Italian and Portuguese
  • Translation of newsletters and web copy for Cinco Jotas into French and British/US English
  • Translation of press releases into English for Bodegas LAN, Raventós Codorníu, Bodegas Lustau and Entrecanales Domecq e Hijos
  • Translation of exam responses from Spanish into English for the world’s leading wine education provider, the WSET
  • Translation of label texts and technical information sheets into English and Spanish for Raventós Codorníu, Grupo Osborne, Entrecanales Domecq e Hijos, Bodegas LAN
  • Translation of articles into Spanish and English for Alvaro Palacios
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